Objectives & Targets



We exist for our customers, so our objective is clear, to ensure our customers always receive a product that conforms to their specifications. We also commit to seeking new and innovative ways to improve customer experience with Roxby Hydraulics.


Our objective is to instil leaders that are committed to our strategic direction. We aim to nurture creativity and intrapreneurial spirit.

Knowledge Management

Our employees and the knowledge within our organisation is a special source of advantage for our business. Our objective is to facilitate the professional development of the people that are part of this company and become exponents of hydraulic-related services in our industry.

Health & Wellbeing

We recognise both the physical and mental health and wellbeing of our employees as the utmost importance to Roxby Hydraulics. We commit to maintaining continuous focus on health and wellbeing.

Environment & Sustainability

Prevention of negative impacts to the environment ensures future generations continue to enjoy our great country. Our objective is the absolute prevention of hazardous substances entering waterways and or general waste. We also commit to safe and sustainable disposal of oil-soaked rags and other hazardous substances.

Continuous Improvement

Roxby Hydraulics acknowledge our customer, suppliers and all other interested parties as a precious source for feedback in our continuous endeavour to improve. Therefore, we commit to continuously improve our product and service by actively seeking feedback from our customers and interested parties.

Project Management

As our organisation grows, we recognise the need for comprehensive project management frameworks. It is our objective to ensure continual and effective delivery of our projects through adoption and utilisation of new technologies.

Business Decision Making

Since our inception as Roxby Hydraulics, our business owners have invested themselves in professional development to ensure sustainable growth into the future. As business owners we commit to making business decisions based on sound data. In this way we aim to continue our commitment and support of growth of our region.


As an ongoing commitment to our customers and employees, we recently installed an integrated management system which encompasses ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001.

In March 2019, we received certification by ECAAS to all three standards.

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